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Social Studies Guides
HowStuffWorks Economy 101 & Financial Crisis Guide
by Kristiana Burk - Last Updated Nov 14, 2008
Learn more about how the world of money works and economic fundamentals. Find answers to your questions about recessions, what an economy is, how money is made, budgeting and saving, credit, types of businesses and more.
HowStuffWorks Elections & Politics Guide
by Kristiana Burk - Last Updated Oct 14, 2008
Brush up on your knowledge about the presidential candidates, the debates, electoral college or the voting system with the Elections & Politics Guide.
HowStuffWorks Geography & Maps Guide
by Kristiana Burk - Last Updated Nov 17, 2008
Geography is the study of the Earth's contours and regions, including man-made divisions. Find interactive maps, articles and video about all of the major continents, the world's oceans and other physical features.
HowStuffWorks Government & Politics Guide
by Kristiana Burk - Last Updated Nov 17, 2008
Learn more about different types of government, politics and civic issues. Resources on different government agencies, citizenship, copyright and intellectual property, crime and legal system, elections and voting, emergency services and privacy concerns.
HowStuffWorks United States History Guide
by Kristiana Burk - Last Updated Nov 19, 2008
Explore the exciting and colorful development of the United States with this collection of resources about American history. Topics in this section include the American Revolution, the gold rush expansion of the West and the World Wars.
HowStuffWorks World History
by Kristiana Burk - Last Updated Oct 27, 2008
Travel space and time to explore our world’s regions and civilizations. The World History guide takes you across battlefields, into palaces and through the remote villages and growing cities that have created the world we see today.