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HowStuffWorks Gardening & Lawncare Guide   Tags: annuals, bulbs, container, garden, gardening, grass, green, herb, how-to, howstuffworks, lawn, organic, perennials, rose, shade, vegetables  

Resources and How-To guides for Annual, Bulb, Perennial, Herb & Vegetable Gardens - find hundreds of entries on different flowers. Also information on speciality gardens (rock, shade, rose and container gardens) as well as houseplants and Lawncare basics
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Herb Encyclopedia

Herbs are a great way to spice up a meal - with the help of your own back yard. Learn all about herbs and herb gardens.

  • Artemisia, Wormwood
    Artemisias, or wormwoods, are rugged perennials that are usually selected for their silvery foliage. Size ranges from four inches to over four feet. Learn how to grow this shrublike herb.
  • Calamint
    Calamint is a perennial herb. It produces tiny white or lilac flowers in late summer and fall and loves the sun. Great for the scented garden, it also attracts the attention of the local bee population. Learn about this lovely mint.
  • Garlic
    A clove a day keeps the doctor away? It might sound odd (and a bit stinky), but garlic has been used medicinally for centuries. Learn about growing, selecting and serving garlic, as well as explore the medicinal and healing history...
  • Licorice plant
    Licorice plant is an annual plant related to strawflowers. They are covered with furry, silver, heart-shaped leaves with cream or yellow coloration. Read more about this intriguing plant.
  • Spearmint
    Spearmint, a flavor known to most, is a great perennial herb. It spreads rapidly and adds great texture to the fragrant garden. The toothed, rich green leaves of this perennial give off a wonderful aroma when rubbed. Learn more.
  • Dill
    Dill is a wonderfully versatile annual that is both beautiful and edible. The feathery foliage and yellow flowers are both distinctively decorative and quite tasty. Read about caring for dill.

Herbs Care & Planning

  • Herb Gardens
    An herb garden is a great addition to any kitchen garden. Or you can grow herbs in containers if your space is limited. Learn all about planting and caring for an herb garden.
  • Herb Growing Tips
    Want to enhance your garden and your cooking? Check out herbs. This article will help you plan to grow herbs, work with herbs that double as perennials, and offer tips for enhancing your herb garden.
  • How to Grow an Herb Garden
    Sooner or later, most of us decide to try our hand at growing a few favorite herbs. Herbs are survive in all kinds of conditions. Learn how to design and plant an herb garden.
  • How to Grow Plants With the Lighting You Have
    Many plants thrive in bright sun, which provides abundant energy for growth, flowering, and fruiting. But some plants need shadier conditions. Learn the sun requirements of various garden and house plants.

Cooking with Herbs & Spices

  • Seasoning Basics
    Seasonings can be the most important part of a recipe. Herbs are the leaves of plants, while spices are the seeds, buds, fruits, flowers, bark, and roots of plants. Learn about herbs and spices.
  • Basil Questions
    Basil is a key herb in pesto sauce. It can last up to five days, or can be dried or made into a paste and frozen for future use. Summer is the best time to buy fresh basil, because it is plentiful and cheap at farmers' markets. Read more about basil.
  • Garlic Questions
    Garlic is versatile and delicious. How do you store it and can you use it once you see green sprouts?
  • Herb Questions
    Need answers to your herb questions? Learn about herbes de Provence, Chinese five spice powder, and using dried herbs in place of fresh herbs. See how to make your own herbs and check out recipes.
  • Spice Questions
    Spices are an important part of cooking. It is spices that give dishes, like pumpkin pie, their flavor. By adding spices to your food, you can quickly and easily enhance your favorite recipe.
  • How to Plant and Store Garlic
    Sure, you could buy garlic at the store. But it's just as easy to grow your own, and it keeps for months. Find out how to plant, harvest and store garlic.

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